How to Become Effective with Relationship Counselling

Being a friend means more than just being there when times get rough but is also becoming the person that can provide reliable guidance. Trust is also an essential part of friendship. Each aspect of friendship plays a vital role to the relationship. Yet, the most challenging part is proving that we would be there no matter what the weather would be. Being there means that we are ready to offer advice when needed. However, giving advice is never an easy task especially when we are tasked to give relationship counselling for our friend who has trouble sorting things out with their partners or spouses. Giving advice differs based on the person you are giving it to and to the circumstance that person is into. For most of the times, we are often asked about the best thing that they should do with the situation they are in. We often find it hard to make decisions for others because we do not want to get the blame or we do not answer for the consequences even if we have the best of intentions in giving an advice. Decisions can be pretty complex and it could change a person’s life with just one glance. What we must do is that we do not want to be hasty in offering them counsel rather take the time to meditate on the possible answers that we could help them with. The Psychologist Adelaide is committed to¬† help you improve your well being and relationships with others with the help of best psychological care.


Look Beyond the What the Eyes Can See

It is often difficult to discern what is really the real score with the situation because we only hear one side of the story. It is always foolishness that we just go dive in giving advice when we do not even the whole picture of the situation. We might even be embarrassed when we offer advice contrary to the situation just because we want to appear we are too smart to find a solution. We have to be impartial and not just jump into conclusion. This is like helping a person who is new to the area to get to the nearest drug store he could find. We cannot help him find the place when we do not ask first where he would come from. Likewise, when giving advice, we have to analyze the real situation beyond what we can see so we would be in a better position to give good advice.

Be Slow to Answer

No, this is not a delaying tactic but a wise step into finding the right solution to the problem of our friend. Of course, we want to find remedy as soon as we can but being haste would only make matter worse. Be sure that you make some research to the problem so that you would be ready to face the problem with your friend.

ask help

Accept Help

We have to admit that we have to find the right solution to the problem not by our own initiative but we also have to seek the help of others. We might ask experts to help our friend especially when he experience excessive anxiety which is not healthy anymore.

When we want to become a real friend to our friends, we have to do our best to help them go through the situation. We need to prove that we are there during tough times.