Choosing the Right Lawn Mower Blade

It’s the weekend again and your lawn needs mowing. While mowing the lawn, last weekend you had discovered some pieces of your blade coming out from underneath the mower. Now the question is where should you look for a new mower blade and how should you go about it for a replacement?

Size of the blade

The first thing that you will have to determine is the size of the blade. Check the model number or the name of your machine. You will find it on the top of the casing or close to the motor. The common blade sizes for most lawn mowers are 19” and 22”. Once you have got the size for the mower blade you can choose the size of the shank. This is that part of the motor shaft that is under the mower where the blade is attached. It is very important for you to determine this correctly as in case you get the wrong size the mower blade will not fit at all. When you get the model number and the mower type, you can effectively take it to an authorised dealer to get the right size.

 neighbor mowing lawn

When you go out into the market looking for the right type of mower blade, you should not be surprised. You will find that your blade has many dozen substitutes made by other manufacturers. This means you get the greater benefits of variety. However, when you are looking for the right kind of blades for your lawn mower, you must make sure that you do not opt for the pot metal type of blades. These blades will cause harm to your mower as they are dangerous. They have the tendency to come apart and break against heavy rocks and tough services. It is very important for you to ensure that your blade is made of tough steel. It should have the capacity to be sharpened most of the times. For getting the right information about your lawn mower blade, you should always consult experts or a credible servicing centre in your area.

Different kinds of mower blades

There are a large number of mower blades available in the market. The standard blade that comes with most of the mowers is a blade that has both its ends slightly bent. The sharp edge of the blade is on the side. This means when you are mowing the lawn, you will find that the cutting edge is on the part of the edge that is bent and both of them are facing the direction where the blade turns. In most of the instances these blades turns clockwise when looked from the top of the mower.

Therefore, when you are choosing the right lawn mower blade, there are some things you have to be aware of. Most of the lawn mowers come in handy with a cutting blade that suctions or lifts the cuttings of the grass into the bag or shoots out from the side as you mow the lawn. There are other blades that help you cut the grass as per the specified height. You have the liberty to opt for them too. However, for all blades ensure you take the right advice from experts so that you do not end up with a wrong purchase!