Types Of Security Guards

With the progression of the modern life, the rate of criminality has been increased in drastic measures. The society we live in isn’t safe anymore and the threats have become the daily business for some criminals. The security guards are one of the top solutions we can provide to ourselves for the safe living environment. Let us discuss the types of security guards existed from which you can select the right type for your need.

Personal security guard– is hired to protect the employees and often referred to as black cats.

Armed security guards– the armed security guards are usually hired by the high-class people to protect their wealth from any theft or robbery.

Corporate security guard– the corporate security guard will help you in having a secured and peaceful working environment. Security officers also help in detecting and preventing any type of theft to be performed in the corporate zones.

Residential security authorisers– they are hired to monitor any housing colony, any residential project or old age homes.

Movable security guards– they always keep on monitoring the place by moving here and there so that any type of criminality in the zone is noticed immediately.

Stationary security officers– they usually stay at one place and monitor the entire area through the video surveillance. They need to check the cameras on a regular basis so that the entire area is covered properly.

Weapon held security personnel– the guards with the weapon are hired to prevent any threatening or severe crime to any human beings. The duties are as followed- they prevent any robbery, murder or theft, they have the licensed weapons and are trained with those.

Government employed security guards– they are employed by the government to protect government buildings or agencies. They also act as a special force based on any government order.

We have discussed the different types of security guard services available and hopefully, you can now choose the service as per your requirement.

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